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New knives for 2012 - "S" is for sold, knives on sale have price on the image

ATS-34 and 440-C stainless steel
 Sword in a vice  Reducing weight of handle
 8 inch tactical
 Brace of finished swords
Drop point hunter - drilled for ballance and heat treated  Drop point hunter all done
Drop point hunter knives - all done  Drop points in sheath

Tungsten modified D2
1472-pb-antler   1472-end-cap   1472-pb-antler-ws
PB-slim  PB-fat
PB-trio1a  PB-trio2a
1632-pb-rosewood-1a   PB-rosewood1a

2012-2a - Bovie under construction

Art/Fantasy | Bowies  | Daggers/Letter Openers | Fillet knives  | Hunters | Scrimshaw  | Purse Knives | Blades 2012 | Blades 2014 | Contact  | Custom Knives
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