Shipping Information & Instructions

USPS, CANADA POST, FEDEX only - do not ship by UPS

UPS couriers do not deliver to our town, and I am not going to drive a 120 miles to their nearest center to pick up your broken knife.
International Money Order (IMO) for USA, regular M.O for Canadians. Bring cash or credit card to your Post Office, as you will have to pay for it in person.
FedEx will deliver to town, but also has no depot here. Delivery pick will include delays.
If you have no choice but use UPS for shipping your knife, the complicated shipping instructions for UP is on the bottom of this page next to my regular receiving address.
This method will cost you quite a bit extra without any extra benefits.

Whatever customs declaration form you use, make sure that you fill it out completely.

LOOK closely at what check box are you checking!!!
Writing this wrong results in substantial fee the PO has to collect from me before releasing the package.
Then I have the hassle with sending appeal form to customs trying to correct the screw-up + it takes time.

You should get the customs declaration form at the Post Office, to stick to your parcel or padded envelope when you ship items Internationally.

No other forms are necessary to fill as you are NOT "Selling" or "EXPORTING" any goods.
Select OTHER from check boxes and DO write Repair on the line. Do NOT leave the line empty.
Write into Detailed Description of Contents:
example:  Knife for repairs and add Returning to USA, Not a sale
Into the column for Value enter NCV (No Commercial Value) and below in Total Value: real value of your knife - the same amount enter for insurance.

NCV=No Comercial Value - You can also enter Value=$1.00

There is NO insurance on the form CN 22.
Insurance is available on Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note - CP 72 - PS Form 2976-A

If you screw the form up it goes through the Customs Brokers who demand extortion fee that PO has to collect before releasing your package.
Of Course I will refuse to pay since I am not purchasing your "merchandise".
I will ask Post Master to hold the package to give me time to contact you - then it will be returned back to customs for reprocessing.
This takes I am told minimum 3 weeks.
If you rather pay up to save time and pay up, An extra $50.00 US will be my fee for the lost time and travel expense, plus the customs brokers fee..
If you select this option, have to send the check by Express Post within 24hrs so I can ask the PO to extend the hold on the package.
This was always the case - nothing new here

NOTE: Customs requirements for return shipping to USA:
The value your knife is/was worth (for insurance purpose)
Enter it if you do have a proof purchase or appraisal of its actual value.
If it is unavailable just enter N/A or $0.00
This is due to recent despute with Canada Post which refuses to pay up the insured value without the proof.

A victim of a credit card scam and mail fraud, I do not accept Credit Card payments, Personal checks, or especially NO PayPal.
Include your payment with the knife to be repaired.
Ask for International Money Order (IMO) at your Post Office.
Include the International Money Order check in US dollars, for all US orders.
The Canadian Postal MO check for all Canadian orders.
Make payable to: Tony Hnilica, PO Box 657, Lytton, B.C.

   Important note

In 40+ years of shipping the knives, not one uninsured (or with insurance of no more than $200) package to or from me was ever lost or stolen in Canada or USA.
In the customer's home town Post Office - Pasadena,  USA the package with 2 repaired knives got stolen.
I say that the visible amount of package insurance ($600) and the description was what the thief could not resist.

The Canada Post claim center had refused to pay the insurance because there was no proof of the knives value as it was a gift from a friend.
The US Post office  was not responding at all - many ignorant people seem to work there - that is a fact.
I had to provide the evaluation of the knives by "Certified" appraiser, and in the end the claim was accepted.
I was able to mail to the customer the claim payment. Took only 4 month.
As it is with every insurance, any country, the goal is to collect your money without paying any out if possible.

Dear Mr. Tony Hnilica, Regretfully without proof of value * proof of value (documentation acceptable to Canada Post showing proof of the sender’s value, either the sender’s cost, retail cost, repair cost, depreciated value or replacement value as deemed appropriate by Canada Post)* claim cannot be assessed properly.

Inside your package include a brief description of work required, your mailing address, phone, your email, and the actual value of your knife.
The theft of packages is rare, this was the very first one in my 40 years of shipping to USA, so a chance of a repeat is negligible.
There is and always was the chance it may happen to your knives on the way to me, or back to you.
This can not be guarded against and it applies to any package you mail or ship in or out of either country.
Package insurance fees are collected, but for us to collect this insurance is not simple.
Do read the fine print in your Post Office what is actually covered.
Do not expect to collect any if you do not have a proof of the value you are insuring it for. 
Antiques, jewelry and other valluables are not insurable as are many other items - This was always the case - nothing new here.
Do not pay the extra package insurance fee.

When you decide to ship:

If you have another email address on different server, like Hotmail or Yahoo include it too, because if I can't reply to your messages or send you my repair update and pictures because your email server blocks my IP address, I have no means to communicate with you properly, if at all.
Add my address to your Address Book and see that you can receive attachments.
Your telephone number is required for the return mail on Expedited or Express stickers.
Also include my full address and telephone number (250) 455-2594.
This was recommended by customs, and it is helpful in case the package gets held for any number of reasons. The phones will save a couple of weeks of regular mail processing, and it is also required for above mentioned mail form.
Email is important so I can notify you of the return shipment - my email frequently crashes.

As you will see, I do spend a lots of my valuable time, and effort, to keep you up to date on your repair.
This includes taking multitude of pictures which have to beDecember 21 for email, and generally letting you know what is happening with your knife.
If the repair does not go as smooth as planned, or something goes wrong as it happens from time to time, I will let you know immediately, and also I do expect immediate reply..

I would appreciate if you acknowledge / reply to my email in timely matter. Your reply is not only expected, but required.
There is nothing worse than trying to deal with non-responsive customer.
If you do not have an internet at home and use of public access is limited to you, please advise me on how frequently you can check your email before repair starts.

If you must use your phone, I do have an answering machine when not available, and will try to call back the number you call from.
Speak slowly and clearly as my connection is not the greatest and some past calls just could not be understood.
As there will be no record of your phone call, I can't use it for my later reference - this is a major setback for your repair if it is more than a few days down the road.
My answering machine also looses some messages, so I have no idea what the call was about.
If you do not hear from me within a day or two, give me another call, send another email.

Thank you for your understanding, and compliance.

Customs declaration requirements
Packaging your chefs, or hunting knife with a fixed naked blade.
It is important that you follow those simple packaging instructions. Thanks.

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