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Shipping - Information & Instructions

purple ball bullet  Prefered shipping from USA: USPS, and FEDEX

UPS couriers do not deliver directly to our town, handing it over to another courier - mostly Purolator. I have to drive to town to pick it up.
International Money Order (IMO) for shipping cross border from USA, unless it is shipped to my US address - then send a regular Postal MO. Canadians pay by regular Postal Money Order. Bring cash or credit card to your Post Office, as you will have to pay for it in person.
FedEx will deliver to town, but also has no depot here. Delivery pick will include delays.
If you have no choice but use UPS for cross border shipping your knife, this method will cost you quite a bit extra money without any extra benefits.
UPS also hands your package over to Purolator, whose local depot is at Lytton First Nations band office.
My receiving addresses are at the bottom of the page.
Note about my US address:
During past couple of years I traveled cross border from spring to fall once a month. The US domestic shipping is faster, and much cheaper then cross border without customs forms to fill.
If you are not in a hurry for your knife return, it would be about a month or so. We can talk about the time frame for shipping - Priority mail has tracking number, and insurance too.
I actually preffer to return the knife from the US. It takes about 3-4 days depending on your location, and your knife goes through fewer hands.

purple ball bullet  You must always fill out the Customs Declaration and Dispatch form correctly

purple ball bullet  On the Custom's section of the form CP-72 enter:



purple ball bullet  SDR value

It does change dynamically so you have to calculate it yourself from the table.
Click here for the table:   How to find the SDR value

Please, do include your contact information - return address and your email - in the package.
Thank you for your patience and understanding

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