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Return Shipping - from me to you

purple ball bullet  My return S&H cost notice:

The only return shipping option is Xpresspost.
Why? To maximize profits Canada Post is leaving all cheaper options of parcel mailing without signature.
The difference is $20.00+ extra.
Canada Post also has to revise conditions under which the insured value is paid up in full in case of "lost" package, or packaged goods damaged in transit.
Example: Just a postage for One Ka-bar shipped to USA declared value $100.00 US + and restoration fee of $300.00 US the return shipping the combined insurance = $500.00 Canadian.
Shipping alone for one Ka-Bar knife will cost you about of $50.00 US extra (add that to the minimum shop fee).
At this time if you do not have a PROOF OF PURCHASE / proof of value, you may get back your repair fee, but nothing for the knife.
The fine print on the back of shipping labels suggests that collecting parcel insurance has conditions that void payment.

Canada post statement:
Dear lost package sender: Regretfully without proof of value * proof of value (documentation acceptable to Canada Post showing proof of the sender's value, either the sender's cost, retail cost, repair cost, depreciated value or replacement value as deemed appropriate by Canada Post)* claim cannot be assessed properly.

I am sure that USPS is no different - packages get stolen at post offices continent wide and no one is ever held accountable.
So in case your package does get stolen while in care of any mail delivery system - do not expect any insurance payment.
If no proof of purchase, you may get some refund of your repair payment as deem appropriate by Canada Post.
If no proof of value I will insure the package for the same amount that you paid me for the repair, and initiate the claim in case of loss.

The returning shipment cost of your knife after my free estimate will be dependent on the size=weight of the package:
At this time the only shipping option that has both a tracking number & receiver's signature is Xpresspost at the cost of $50-$70.
This cost is no longer included because of many cost increases, dollar exchange, fuel surcharge, taxes etc.
Delivery time depending on the method of delivery chosen is usually 8-14 days.
Be patient, it took over a month for a couple of deliveries - but it was/is an exception- genuinely stuck in the warehouse in transit.

I will be mailing your Custom hand made knife you have purchased immediately upon receiving your cash payment.
I will be mailing any service order immediately after finishing the Repair/Refurbishing and there are no outstanding issues.

If you want to purchase a Custom made knife, please review the Direct Payment details and Shipping conditions

The basic Start-up fee includes the Handling of the Return shipping
Shipping container(box or padded envelope) packaging and mailing.
Expedited Parcel US does not have a recipient signature option - open for fraud and is no longer viable shipping option.
EMS Xpresspost mail is only for shipments in Canada and USA with tracking and signature
Flat fee for shipping 1 Ka-Bar knife at this time is $50.00 with insurance $400 CA = $300 US
The delivery is usually 6-8 days plus.
Additional insurance is $2.50/$100 - you do the adding. There are also tax's and fuel surcharges on top.

The mailing costs on this web page are not regularly Revised, and are dependent on the package size, weight, and the shipping method.

purple ball bullet  Insurance

To any corrupt individual who handles mail, being a PO employee, in transit, through customs and mail Couriers,
the high amount of insurance on the package sticker is like a red flag to a bull.
Throughout the year, but especially around holidays (Christmas) expensive gifts can be found in parcels.
When packages get "lost", the value listed on the package seems to be determining factor.
Would you think that it is because of the mail system overload ?

In over 40 years of my shipping/receiving, no uninsured package was stolen in USA or Canada to date.
But this said, if the package gets lost, this is all you going to get, so if the knife is valuable, insure it for the value that you have proof of.

As I observed over the years, the Canada's Postal services has gone to the dogs. " Privatized " is the term.
Nothing new about prices going up, but not as ridiculously as when mailing packages.
At first insurance and registration was a norm for all mail.
Then you could no longer register the package unless it was mailed by Air Mail, of course for 5 x the cost - insurance was not yet a problem.
When you could mail small items in a padded envelopes in the past at regular postage, like the folding knives,
now you have to pay in full for a delivery of a small package.
Small packages and padded envelopes no longer can be registered, or insured if mailed Outside of Canada
One can register only letters at $35 per letter. All cheaper options were removed.
Insurance no longer covers the well-being of the parcels contents if it get busted while being handled by "happy" postal employees (during transit).
Collecting extra package insurance fees is a fraud on public, as large variety of content is not insurable (lawyered up fine print) yet the PO happily collects the fee.
In case of loss or theft insurance is paid only if the content was insurable, and you have the proof / receipt of its value.

purple ball bullet  Shipping to other countries


purple ball bullet  Package tracking & Recipient's signature

These two items are important delivery proof against the mail fraud:

The delivery can not be guaranteed without receiver's signature. EMS Expresspost is the only one with the tracking and signature at the jacked up cost, of course.
Other theft deterrent is to ship your pocket knife in the apple box at even more postage(obviously that can not be smuggled out of PO under one's coat)
Again problem is the large cost for shipping large box, or ship it uninsured.
No visible value, not worth taking.
Private couriers will deliver to some location for extra $65 or more.

purple ball bullet  Important risk notice

This goes in general for any items you purchase in, and that have to be shipped to you from Canada.
The mail services anywhere are mostly reliable, but there are many exceptions, and history.
Past losses confirm the even though the risk is small, it does exists, and can not be foreseen or prevented.
Take this risk into consideration before shipping the knife for the repair, or buying one.
My responsibility is fully discharged when I hand your knife over the counter to the Canada Post Office.
If you are from a country that has a corrupt system - (Customs and/or Postal Services)
The list was topped by Mexico, but just came to my attention that even the US Postal Service is not immune to theft by opportunistic employees.
Remember that I can do almost nothing after I place the knife I am returning after repair, or the knife you purchased, in the mail.
I will initiate the claim in case of such mishap, but collecting the fee will always be a lengthy fight - 6 month plus.
The claim to recover the value of your knives "lost" in transit may NOT be accepted by PO claims without the proof of value.

I will forward to you any and all money recovered from package insurance, if any, and when received.

Do not purchase any Parcel Insurance if you do not have a proof of value/purchase receipt for the content - you will not collect it.

purple ball bullet  Postal rate update


Price and service changes to our domestic, U.S.A. and international parcel services.
For more information on price and service changes for Parcel Services, please click www.canadapost.ca/cpo/mc/personal/ratesprices/default.jsf

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