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The S&H fee for the returning your knife after my free estimate will be dependent on the value of the knife and its size=weight:
Knife up to value of $200 will be shipped with $200 insurance by Expedited parcel post - $35.00 - $40.00
Knives worth $400 - insured $400 - $40.00 - $50.00
More valuable knives will be shipped back by Xpresspost at the cost of $50-$70.

I will be mailing your custom hand made knife you have purchased immediately upon receiving your cash payment.
I will be mailing any service order immediately after finishing the repair/refurbishing and there are no outstanding issues.

Please review the Direct Payment details and Shipping conditions

Shipping & Handling cost includes: Postage, Insurance, Shipping container(box or padded envelope) packaging and mailing.
Any traceable mail is no longer included because of many cost increases, dollar exchange, fuel surcharge, taxes etc.
Delivery time depending on the method of delivery chosen is usually 8-14 days.
Be patient, it took over a month for a couple of deliveries - but it was/is an exception

Exedited Parcel and Xpresspost mail is only for shipments in Canada and USA with tracking
Additional Insurance can be purchased, and the tracking number assigned for:

Expedited Parcel - delivery 6-10 days plus - Flat fee at this time is $30.00 with insurance $200
Xpresspost - delivery 6-8 days plus - Flat fee at this time is $45.00 with insurance $200
Additional insurance is $250/$100 - you do the adding. There are also taxrs and fue surcharges on top.
Priority Worldwide - delivery 3 days plus- example cost: $50.00 and up

The mailing costs on this web page are not regularly Revised, and are dependent on the package size, weight, and the shipping method.

Shipping to other countries


As I observed over the years, the Canada's Postal services has gone to the dogs. "Privatized" is the term.
Nothing new about prices going up, but not as ridiculously as when mailing packages.
At first insurance and registration was a norm for all mail.
Then you could no longer register the package unless it was mailed by Air Mail, of course for 5 x the cost - insurance was not yet a problem.
When you could mail small items in a padded envelopes in the past at regular postage, like the folding knives,
now you have to pay in full for a delivery of a small package.
Small packages and padded envelopes no longer can be registered, or insured if mailed Outside of Canada and USA.
One can register only letters; and insurance, up to $1000 CAN, is good only for a total loss.
Insurance no longer covers the well-being of the parcels contents if it get busted while being handled by "happy" postal employees (during transit).
Fuel surcharge is another parcel cost hike up.

Shipping to Mexico - Not updated yet

Canada Post will NOT Register, or Insure any parcels going to Mexico.
I have been told belatedly that too many packages get ripped off In Mexico regularly. Shame on your corruption.
The only other way to ship safely to Mexico is by a courier - your extra cost was $45 US (probably last century).
To be fair, I have still included the portion of the cost of the shipping across the US.
I suggest that you take this option if you really want the knife to arrive safely.

Shipping to Malaysia - Not updated yet

No registration, no insurance on small packages. No reported problems with packages being "lost".
Possibility - mail insured in a large box at $50 extra.

Shipping to Indonesia - Not updated yet

No registration, no insurance on small packages.
Cheapest Airmail ............. $44.15
Surface mail ................. $28.70

Shipping to England (UK) - Not updated yet

No registration possible, $100 insurance on Small Packet mail maximum. no tracking.
Airmail ............. around $35
Express mail ..................$50+ .... depending on the amount of insurance you want.

Shipping to Australia

No registration possible, $100 insurance on Small Packet mail maximum, the tracking available and it works.
2 options - overland (how this is possible beats me) at about $35 for 5" hunting knife
Your package goes on the motorized jelly fish and it takes 6 weeks plus
or Air mail at over $60.00
Last package trip lasted 68 days from the time the local PO took it, to the time the customer picked it up (26 April - 29.June - 10 weeks+) - at the cost of $39.46.

For shipping small packages or padded envelopes of size 21x15x2 or smaller to Australia.
Weight 0.054g - example is 3" 3 blade folding pen knife.

Xpresspost Int'l SBR ------------------- 8 business days Guaranteed service ------------- $65.75 / No extras (No insurance)
Priority VW-envelope ------------------- Select for service standard ----------------------- $77.08 / $100 insurance only
Priority VW-pack ------------------------- Select for service standard ----------------------- $94.49 / $100 insurance only
Tracked Pkg-Int SBR -------------------- 12 business days ---------------------------------- $46.30 / $100 insurance only
Sm Pkt Air Int'l SBR -------------------- See Canada Postal Guide ------------------------- $10.23 / No extras (No insurance)
Sm Pkt Surface Int'l SBR --------------- See Canada Postal Guide ------------------------- $07.59 / No extras (No insurance)
Surface Parcel Int'l SBR ---------------- See Canada Postal Guide ------------------------- $39.61 / No extras (No insurance)
Light Packet Int'l ------------------------ See Canada Postal Guide ------------------------- $05.20 / No extras (No insurance)

Package tracking
- important delivery proof against the mail fraud:

Expedited 16 Parcel US can be tracked and insured to US, in Canada Express post also has guaranteed delivery.
Other countries still problem - I can still get your tiny folder mailed insured, if I pack it in the big apple box.
Of course shipping of the big parcel is no longer cheap, but is $46 plus the cost of insurance & taxes.
This applies only to some countries, does not to others, I usually find out the details on individual basis.
Private carriers will deliver to some location/country for extra $65 or more.

- Important risk notice

This goes in general for any items you purchase in, and that have to be shipped to you from Canada.
The mail services anywhere are mostly reliable, but there are many exceptions, and history.
Past losses confirm the even though the risk is small, it does exists.
Take this risk into consideration before shipping the knife for the repair, or buying one.
My responsibility is fully discharged when I hand your knife over the counter to the Canada Post Office.
If you are from a country that has a corrupt system - (Customs and/or Postal Services)
remember that I can do nothing after I place the knife I am returning after repair, or the knife you purchased, in the mail.
Any claims to recover the value of your knives "lost" in transit from me will NOT be accepted.
Just came to my attention that even the US Postal Service is not immune to opportunistic employee thieves

The money you paid either for a new knife, or the repair, are NOT refundable in case of the parcel loss (theft) while in transit.

However I would forward any and all money recovered from package insurance, if and when received.

The high amount of insurance on the package sticker is to any corrupt individual who handles mail, being a PO employee, in transit, through customs and mail Couriers, like a red flag to a bull.
Around holidays, especially around Christmas, expensive gifts can be found in parcels.
When packages get "lost", the value listed on the package seems to be determining factor.
But this said, if the package gets lost, this is all you going to get, so if the knife is valuable, insure it for what you deem worth.

Great number of packages get lost during Christmas - do you think that it is because of the mail system overload ?

Other Options at the extra cost
Available only for Express Post and Couriers is an option to purchase an Extra insurance, value at $1.80/$100 up to $1,000.00
The delivery time is only about 2 says shorter.

Postal rate update


Price and service changes to our domestic, U.S.A. and international parcel services.
For more information on price and service changes for Parcel Services, please click www.canadapost.ca/cpo/mc/personal/ratesprices/default.jsf

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