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  2021 Covid update.

Unfortunately the COVID and variants are wreaking havoc on the world, and as so many other businesses my shop is included.
The plan was to have my shop open or closed depending on the pandemic.
Unfortunately for US customers - there is no means for you to pay me, and shipping your knife to me in Canada will cost you arm and a leg.

With the border closed between BC and Washington, the USPS domestic shipping, and collecting the repair fee in US funds is gone.
Hiking 400km to check my US mail box is obviously out of the question even if border was open, but Covid restrictions were still in place.
International shipping war is on between Canadian and US Postal services by not issuing any International Money Order checks.
Even the US banks joined the war by not issuing any International Money Order checks to Canada.
The last hope was Western Union, but the nearest agent is in the city - 360KM round trip - I am not going to hop in a taxi to go pick it up.
Like Pay Pal, the WU happily takes in the US money only to profit from currency exchange, giving me devalued Canadian dollars.
To buy my knife-making and repair materials for which I do have to shop in US, again I have to purchase the US dollars at the loss.

So, hang onto your knives and hope this pandemic will be over soon and we are still all alive.

To all my customers, past and future, I pray for your good health. Can't buy that, so everyone stay safe, and God bless you all.


This next information now depends on the pandemic situation    No new repair orders from US are accepted at this time.

Knives go on the custom knife and repairs order waiting list, and are made or repaired in the order they arrive.
First come first served - you are expected to mail your knife within one week from initial inquiry, so mail your knife as soon as you are ready.
If it arrives after the list is full, the turn around will be affected - or delayed until it is possible for me to work on it. Or it will go on the next year waiting list.

Serious notes:
Nobody will get on the list unless the filled out "Knife Repair submission Form" is received.
The knife pictures are required for preliminary cost estimate - to follow with the reply to my mail.
Your timely reply to all correspondence is expected.
Not to reply is rude - and it also means that you have wasted both our time and repair is no go.

You must read and follow simple "Shipping up repairs instructions". Failure to do so will cost you extra money.
How much? The customs bill I have to pay at the Post Office, plus 2 hours of my extra time I have to spent scanning and mailing you the paperwork, and extra trip to town.
The Shipping any collector / family heirloom item is completely at your risk as no postal insurance will cover it, unless a proof of value is "carved in stone"

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