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purple ball bullet  DEPOSIT

If you are placing an order for Custom hand made knife I will be making specialy for you, a deposit of %50 of the purchase price is required in advance before any work starts.
This should be no problem for genuine order.
Please remember that enormous amount of my time, sometimes many days are invested into each knife, and it is harder to sell somebody else's custom made knife later.
For this reason initials, if requested, will be done to the knife after the rest of the payment is in, before the shipment.
The deposit, 50% of the estimated base price, is not refundable if you change your mind after your project is under way.
This is to cover my time writing emails and spending time going over the designs. This part of your custom knife design takes usually more hours that actual manufacture of the knife.

To purchase a knife already made, currently on sale, your full payment is expected up front.
To purchase / reserve a knife that is currently being build, the deposit is required at the time of reservation, and the full price paid up when done, before shipping.

Until there is safe to travel and borders are fully opened, there are limited shipping and payment choices.

No credit cards or personal checks are accepted due to scam and mail fraud
USPS Postal International Money Order checks are no longer issued to Canada

Accepted payments:

All US orders:
The Bank Draft check in US currency = You have to go to the bank and purchase the BD in person
- US POST - MILITARY Money Order (In US currency) No limitation printed on the check.

Canadian orders:
Regular Postal Money Order or Moneygram in Canadian dollars after the currency exchange
The fee is quoted in US$ - and the currency exchange changes almost daily.
Visit the link bellow and see the corresponding number with which you multiply the USD fee. The result is my fee in Canadian dollars.
Foreign Currency Exchange     https://www.scotiabank.com/ca/en/personal/rates-prices/foreign-exchange-rates.html

For all other countries: International Money Order (Postal or Bank draft in US dollars only)

My own knives which are on sale or are otherwise available for shipping, are all priced in US dollars.
The pictures and prices will apear in appropriate Custom knife gallery
These knives are priced to go and ready for shipping immediately after receiving the payment. Shipping *AJH* knives

PayPal - I no longer accept payments from USA through PayPal, nor I do business with any company that accept payments only though PayPal.
They do not allow Canadian businesses to use any foreign currency.
Confiscated my USD money by closing my US account, and made profit giving me devaluated Canadian curency instead.
Therefore - from USA I now only accept Certified Bank draft - in US dollars, and will again accept regular US Postal Money order(only after the borders are fully opened, and I can travel to US bank)
This type of payment you do have to purchase in person at your bank.I am sorry for this inconvenience.

Tony Hnilica
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Phone: (250)455-2594
Any initial contact by phone must be followed by completing the
Custom knife order form

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